Perseverance in a Time of Change


The dynamic Dragon Year is passing. Now, having survived the Mayan Apocalypse, we are coming to the Year of the Snake. The Snake is a small Dragon, and from the energetic point of view, the quality of the year will be similar; while the Dragon flexes its body in a vertically curved up and down motion, the snake’s movements curves horizontally left and right.

Natural disasters will occur as frequently; political turmoil and military conflict may be more intense; and economically, it’s not very likely to get relief. The only bright spots are likely to be in Asian countries, rather than in Europe or America. Any initial sign of economic recovery at the beginning of the year in the USA will not be significant. Acceptance and Perseverance will guide us to the much brighter Horse year ahead.

As snakes grow, however, they shed their skin. This painful process brings growth. Things will seem the same on the physical and matter level, but in fact, they are changing. With the shedding of the snake skin throughout the year, brings transformation, in physical, energetic, and information levels. We will be able to expect brighter prospects in the Horse year.

From Chinese astrology, people born in a Snake year can expect a dynamic change in their life, and change brings opportunity. It is a particularly auspicious year for people born in Rooster or Ox years. They can expect advancement in career and a healthy growth in business, and for the retiree, a smooth living environment will be enjoyed. For people born in the Pig year, this is a year of challenge. However, by carefully watching their steps, the challenge could lead to transformation. Those born in the Monkey year will do fairly well without too much effort. And those born in Horse and Dog years will do well too, especially in the relationship aspect. For people born in the Tiger year, they will encounter small surprises here and there. Regardless of it being good or not so good, they will be easy to handle. For those born in the year of the Rat, Rabbit, Sheep and Dragon it is a pretty neutral year but also a good year to fall in love.

As for our school, this is the twenty-third anniversary of the founding of the Blue Mountain Institute. For nearly a quarter of a century, the courses offered at the Blue Mountain Institute have developed to cover over twenty subjects. Although the central focus remains on Chi energy, it has become clear that the Institute’s offerings go far beyond what is conventionally understood as Feng Shui.

The core aim is still teaching about Chi Energy Design; spatial design in accord with Chi and natural principles, to provide certification for Feng-Shui practitioners, and to provide Chi energy training. The scope of our teachings is actually beyond spatial design. It is about Life design as well.

The Institute is also moving toward on-line teaching: by the end of the summer of 2013, we hope that all Institute programs will be available on line. We will also begin to offer the Blue Mountain Mastery Program—a 10-day intensive Feng Shui Consultant Certification Program. This program will enable those who must travel from a distance, the opportunity to receive the training in a short, intensive period of time.

Last year we manage to publish Feng Shui: Truths, Myths and Misconceptions (in e-book format) by Shan-Tung Hsu and Jenny Nakao Hones. It may be purchased by clicking here. Dr. Hsu has been working on his new book Form Defines Energy-Form School Feng Shui and Natural Design, as well as Yin-Yang Theory—The Fundamentals of Natural Law. Both books entail the core teaching of Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute. In addition to those, as the follow up book of Form Defines Energy, Jenny Nakao Hones, Bertha Aybar and Shan-Tung Hsu are collaborating on writing a book- Form School Feng Shui for House Design. We are looking forward to the completion of these books in 2013.

In conclusion, although Snake and Dragon years are similar, the Snake is also associated with healing. We look forward to a gradually more visible shift in consciousness over the course of this year, one that will help prepare for improvement and progress in the years to come.

Shan-Tung Hsu