FS101 Form School Feng Shui I

-Living Environmental Design with Chi Energy and Natural Laws

This class is a comprehensive overview of the classical feng shui tradition in Chinese culture, history, philosophy, and fundamental principles.   It includes the following:

  • Introduction to the Two Pillars Principles of Form School Feng Shui- Natural Laws and Chi.
  • Brief Introduction of Natural Laws—Yin-Yang Theory and Five Element Theory
  • Introduction to the Chi concept:  Matter, Chi energy and Information
  • Form Defines Energy
  • The Four-Feature Model and its application
  • The Philosophy of Form School and the environmental movement.


2 thoughts on “FS101 Form School Feng Shui I

  1. Natalia

    Hola, me gustaría poder estudiar para luego ejercer como profesional en Uruguay, me gustaría recibir información sobre el curso de Feng shui y las condiciones para hacer el curso, el costo etc. Se puede hacer a distancia? o tiene que ser presencial? en caso de ser presencial donde sería?
    Desde ya muchas gracias.


  2. Claudia Cristescu

    Dear Madame, Sir,

    I would like to know when will the on-line course programme start and also if you have a schedule for International classes for 2014.

    Thank you in advance and wish you a great year!

    Claudia C.

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