FS205 Chi (Qi) Energy Workshop

Matter, Chi-energy and Information are the three aspects in all things in the universe. While abundant chi-energy is key for a good living space, abundant chi-energy in the body, is key for good health.

In this workshop, Dr Hsu will present a comprehensive concept of Chi/Qi and the cultivation of Chi through physical movement, breathing, and mindfulness.  His teachings are simple and easy methods that can easily blend into daily living without making any extra effort. Students will have the awareness of chi-energy as something tangible, experiencing different patterns of Chi energy. The most effortless and efficient way to have good health is through the practice of Qigong.  (Pronounced chi gong)

Dr. Shan-Tung Hsu served as a standard committee board member at the International Medical Qigong Association (Headquarter in Beijing, China), and was the publisher of the World Qigong Magazine.  This course with cover the following:


  • Introduction—Qi Gong and Modern Living
  • What is Qi (Chi)) and chi-energy?
  • What is Qigong?
  • The basic principle of Qigong training
    • -Sung (relax)
    • -Tranquility
    • -Natural (Spontaneity)
  • The element of Qigong training
    • –Breathing
    • –Movement
    • –Mind
  • Learning to Sung (relax)
    • -breathing, visualization, sound, and proper posture
  • Breathing Patterns
    • –abdomen breathing
    • –mind-calming breathing
    • –lung shocking breathing
  • The energy meridians and daily circle
  • The Sound Theory
    • –Chanting, Mantra and prayer
    • –The six healing sound
  • Eight Meridian Qigong
  • Qigong as a healing art
  • Practice qigong in daily life
    • -walking, jogging, driving, TV watching
  • Retaining your energy
  • Absorbing energy from Nature
  • Qigong and Meditation
  • Experiencing the Yin Yang of Chi.