FS202 Wu-Xing Theory/Five Element Theory—Theory of Transformation

The Wu-Xing Theory is also known as the Five-Element Theory in the West.  Combined with the Yin-Yang Theory, they are regarded as the two pillars of Natural Law.

The Wu-Xing Theory is used to describe the interaction and relationships in all phenomena in both the human and natural world. It is a higher order tool used in the field of Chinese medicine, psychology, music, military strategy, martial art, and feng shui.

The Universe is constantly changing, oscillating in between balance and imbalance.  How do things change? How is balanced restored?  The Wu-Xing Theory provides a higher guidance as well as insight to the fast changing world.  This workshop provides a comprehensive view of the theory and ample examples of its application in relation to human living.


  • What are the Wu-Xing or Five Elements?
  • The four principles of the Wu-Xing Theory
  • The Wu-Xing in relation to Nature and the human body
  • Wu-Xing and personalities
  • How to apply it to business
  • How to apply it to Feng Shui and Architectural Design
  • Wu-Xing and world affairs
  • Wu-Xing and healing
  • Wu-Xing and Chinese Medicine