FS201 Yin-Yang Theory – the Fundamentals of Natural Law

This workshop presents the Yin-Yang Theory as the most important concept in feng shui study as well as the study of any other subjects.

Humanity is part of nature and our lives cannot be independent from the influence of natural principles.  This workshop presents the core concept of the Yin-Yang Theory,   how it has influence our daily living and all human endeavors; how to use it tap into the “secret” of nature. It is the most important and challenging workshop among all feng shui workshops presented by Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute.  We will cover the following:

    • Natural Laws and Chinese Culture
    • Classical Chinese Metaphysics
      • -Chi Monism
      • -Holographic Theory
      • -Mirror image and resonance of human and nature
    • Understand the Taiji Symbol
    • Five laws of the Yin-Yang Theory
      • -law of interdependence
      • -law of mutual enhancement
      • -law of  mutual restriction
      • -law of  transformation
      • -law of degradation
    • Yin-Yang in Nature
      • The application of Yin-Yang Theory
      • Yin-Yang of love and relationships
    • Homework assignment