FS104 Feng Shui for Garden and Landscape Design

This course covers the application of feng shui to landscape and garden design: philosophy, principles, and technique of design, with emphasis on the application of the Yin-Yang and Wu-Xing Theories and the integration of a garden with structures. It includes a comparative discussion of Oriental and Occidental approaches to garden design. The focus is not on technical specifics (drainage methods, pruning, and so on), but on the overall design approach.

It covers the following:

The philosophy of landscape and garden designThe principles of landscape of garden desiThe technique of landscape and garden desiStatic and dynamic scenic layout

  • Overall color layout
  • The art of tree planning arrangement
  • Discussion on design elements:  water, rocks, flowers, terraces, walkways, etc.
  • Oriental garden versus Western garden
  • Landscape and garden appreciation