Tai Chi Push Hands – the Secret of Qi in Taiji Quan


Master Ping Siang Tao, renowned for his mastery of the subtleties of Push Hands training wrote this book to record the insights he gained through a lifetime of practice and teaching.  Without any mystification, he sets out the methods and goal of Push Hands practice in terms of basic principles of physics, momentum, inertia, and leverage.  At the same time, he shows how these principles reinforce the tradition account of Chinese natural  philosophy in term of Yin and Yang and softness over come hardness.

What is practiced in Push Hands? What makes Push Hands practice effective? What are the Psychological Principles in Push Hands? What should you aim at in Practicing Push Hands?  In this brief, direct book, Master Tao explains what Push Hands is, why and how it should be practiced, and how it fits into martial art training.

Published by
Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute
Five Willow Tai Chi Association

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